How to compensate for the lack of sunlight

The lack of sunlight badly affects the psychological and physical health, experts say.

Как компенсировать недостаток солнечного света

— The lack of sun is a contributing factor to the deterioration of the mood towards sadness, sadness, pessimism, apathy, — told the psychologist Ilya Sablin.

To avoid unwanted complications, it is necessary to establish sleep mode, to consume oily fish (and seaweed, cod liver oil, seafood), exercise, spend time with nice people and to choose bright clothes.

From the point of view of psychology the lack of light people perceive negatively as a darker picture of life, and the sunlight, on the contrary, is the symbol of bright and happy. The psychologist advises to include home bright yellow light, making up for the lack of natural light.

You should also choose bright colors in clothes, and in the interior of the house to add colorful pillows and blankets.

— Another very useful not confined in the four walls of loneliness, and to communicate with people who are pleasant to be together. To create positive emotions and good mood, — said Sablin.

To combat the lack of sunlight, you need to exercise, because the movement promotes the release of hormones of joy — endorphins and release of dopamine.

— We can’t influence the weather outside, but we can and must create the conditions and prerequisites for the mood, — said the expert.