How to completely repair the heart after a heart attack

According to official data, from cardiovascular disease die each year, nearly 18 million people, accounting for one third of all deaths in the world.

Как полностью восстановить сердце после инфаркта

Most deaths related to recurrent vascular disorders, after a heart attack or stroke. According to doctors, up to 75% of these complications could have been avoided with proper treatment and avoiding harmful habits.

Today, the treatment of heart attack is mainly aimed at lowering the heart rate and the dissolution of blood clots. However, it is extremely important to find a way to completely restore the heart, to the place of the dead cells appeared new.

Scientists were able to completely repair the heart muscle of laboratory rodents after myocardial infarction. They created a special molecule of DNA separate from the chromosome and is able to replicate autonomously.

Molecule penetrated into the damaged heart muscle cells and restore their livelihoods. She also contributed to the growth of new blood vessels. About two weeks after a heart attack virtually all traces of the disease on cardiac tissue of rodents were gone.

Scientists say that in the same way you would treat people who have had a myocardial infarction, but first you need to conduct additional studies, and it may take several years.