How to conduct a commercial tender

Как эффективно провести коммерческий тендер

Every head of business at least once in their life asked the question “How to save money in OSes?”.

Fortunately, modern digital tools allow very efficiently to optimize costs and save time. One of these tools — commercial tender for an electronic platform for procurement.

Suppose you want to systematically buy for production needs of new commodities. To find suitable suppliers, you can go two ways.

The first way (the way you did before) involves the search for information about suppliers online, phone, send request for quotation.

This whole process is considerably time consuming (because each potential provider you need to convey the same information — expected time frame and the volume of supply, technical specifications etc.).

The second way (the way most do now) — to declare a commercial tender on an electronic platform.

It works very simply. You place on one of the sites of commercial purchases — indicate all the information necessary, prescribe requirements to suppliers. They in turn learn about new tender and sending you requests to participate. You have to choose the most attractive by price or other criteria, the offer to conclude the contract and start working.

E-commercial tenders — this is the modern way to optimize the company’s expenses and save time of employees. To begin to use it, you need to choose a platform and register.

How to choose a trading platform for commercial tenders

Today, there are many shopping venues to commercial procurement. To work with tenders was convenient and comfortable, you should pay attention to such criteria of site selection:

  • the presence of support from a personal Manager-consultant;

  • quick and easy search of commercial tenders (so that your purchase could easily find);

  • Analytics tools;

  • personal account.

Do not be amiss to know what are the known companies are already working with a particular platform, what is the average competition in the commercial tender and how many commercial tenders was announced for all time.

This information will enable you to objectively assess whether the trading platform meets your needs.

Documentation commercial procurement

In essence it is a set of documents that contains the terms of a commercial tender.

Since the field of commercial tenders, in contrast to public procurement, does not have strict legal regulation, the documentation shall be at the discretion of the commercial customer (however, it should not contradict the current legislation).

As a rule, the documentation contains the following information:

  • technical requirements for the subject procurement;

  • delivery time;

  • payment terms;

  • the requirements for the formation of prices;

  • the draft of the Treaty.

In order to attract more suppliers in the commercial tender, it is important to clearly specify all the necessary information.

Stages of commercial procurement

Total on-site can be five stages (this is the maximum number). The specific combination of steps depends on which tool you choose.

  1. Call for proposals — suppliers review of your documentation, ask specific questions and make a suggestion. .

  2. Prequalification — you study the quotations and do whatever is necessary to carry out a preliminary selection.

  3. The auction is the stage of price bidding among vendors, which usually takes place during the day.

  4. The qualification stage to the final evaluation of proposals from suppliers based on the results of the price bidding. In qualifying you find which one suits you best and choose this vendor as the winner.

  5. Considered an intermediate stage in which you chose the winner, but have not yet started to work with him.

  6. Completed — final, “technically” the stage that identifies all participants in the commercial tender, which he completed.

The result of the commercial procurement

The result of the commercial of the tender is to select the provider that’s best suited for your purchase.

So the selection process was the most effective, it is important to first establish clear criteria for the selection of the winner.

Uniform criteria for winning the tender does not exist. It all depends on procurement. In one situation the most important is the price. In another situation in the first place come the non-price criteria (such as the ability of the supplier to provide the required amount of supply). In the third situation, a combination of price and non-price criteria.


More and more Ukrainian companies understand the commercial benefits of procurement through shopping sites. After all, saving of resources allows you to redirect financial resources to other business needs, thereby ensuring sustained and more intensive development.

Try to hold a commercial tender in his company — modern digital technology makes this all possible.