How to cope with panic attacks

Panic attacks can seriously ruin your life, although in reality they represent a mechanism to deal with emergency situations. Unfortunately, sometimes these attacks occur at the most innocuous circumstances.

Как быстро справиться с приступами паники

Don’t fight. No need to resist panic attacks and struggling to restrain myself, because it is counterproductive. When you fight, the panic attack becomes unbearable. Researchers have shown that in the case of a panic attack it is necessary to give pass as soon as possible and, therefore, to offer any resistance is not necessary.

Honesty with ourselves. During a panic attack you must convince yourself that it was she, and not the fulfilment of some of your nightmarish scenarios. For example, you are deathly afraid of a heart attack, and you think it going on (with all the symptoms like pain in the chest), but in reality it’s just a panic attack. Talk to yourself and convince yourself that you shouldn’t be afraid.

Soon the end. In a conversation with yourself, you also need to constantly focus on the fact that panic attacks do not last too long. The maximum duration is 10 minutes. Convince yourself that it will end quickly, and you just need to wait until it is completed.

Correct breathing. Panic attack causes slight dizziness, so here can come the practice of deep breathing. During a panic attack, we begin to breathe quickly and swallow air, but if you can adjust the breath, then quickly cope with unpleasant symptoms.

Distract ourselves. During a panic attack the most sensible thing is to focus your thoughts and attention on something completely different. Talk to someone, try to sing a song, and it is better to go out and walk. The external environment (wall, room, office) may provoke a panic attack, so try to change it.