How to create your perfect weight loss program, said the expert

There are plenty of recommendations and tips on healthy eating, weight loss programs and the organization of a healthy diet is easy to get lost and completely confused in the advice. How to find your ideal system and what to pay attention, told page in instagram and nutritionist Maria Volkova.

Как составить свою идеальную программу похудения, рассказала эксперт

Your food should include the 8 essential amino acids, 16 vitamins and vitamin-like substances, 60 minerals, 3 essential fatty acids and hundreds of phytonutrients.

Food should be free from toxic components (E-additives: preservatives, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, dyes) and provocateurs inflammation. And also to eliminate intolerance and allergic reaction.

First, the need to work hard on the diet. But after 2-3 months of food, consistent with the genes, I will tell you thank you! How? Will take excess weight, tightened skin, smoothed wrinkles, there will be forces — the list is endless.

Our bodies are made to digest a full meal — meat/poultry/fish, grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits, seaweed, spices, herbs. And not packaged fast foods. For example, muesli, sandwiches and fruit yogurt — also empty food.

If there are empty calories (even when they play healthy marked “gluten free”, “low calorie” or “skim”), disturbed balance of hormones causes damage to the intestines, overloaded immune system — it inevitably leads to an increase in weight. And there is the fatigue, mood swings (the desire to kill everyone before whining), the problem with concentration.

You need to fill a full menu of products to reduce provocateurs for 6-8 weeks and watch the reaction of the body and weight. When you include the diet of whole foods that the body is able to digest, then reverse all the unpleasant symptoms, slimming easily and beautifully! Unlike conventional diets, this process establishes the perfect balance of power, coordinating the menu with your biochemistry and genes.