How to cure the fungus once and for all — says the dermatologist-mycologist

The fungus is a serious disease. And it’s not just in the aesthetic unattractiveness of the skin and nails are affected by fungus. The fungus produces hazardous toxins that disrupt the processes of functioning of the whole organism, affects the immune system. Dermatologist-mycologist tells what you can do to cure the disease once and for all.

Как вылечить грибок раз и навсегда — рассказывает дерматолог-миколог

Dermatologist-mycologist, PhD Elena Kashina.

“The main mistake people infected with fungus, not to bring the treatment to the end. So most of us arranged just stopped itching — it is possible to throw drugs and to live in peace. But the fungus just that and waited: he rammed as deeply as possible and sitting there from time to time. But then will rise again.”

Features of fungal infection

A major mistake faced by the doctors that the fungus will go away with time itself. This is a dangerous misconception, as the fungus without treatment is not, moreover, being very contagious, it affects everyone around. Thus, about 30% of infection occurs in their own homes.
It is important to have time to cure fungus skin before it goes on the nail plate, as this type of fungus is treated much longer and more difficult – to 1 year.

Why not always help pharmacy drugs.

The fact that each a fungal infection and requires an individual approach.

“First, you need a special diagnostics (analysis of skin or nail particles on mycelium) and planting material (to choose an effective antifungal agent). Then comes the turn of long-term treatment”. – says Elena Kashina.

In the treatment of fungal infections of the skin and nails are no universal recipes – all depends on the type of fungus-related diseases and even the age of the patient. The main thing is to see a specialist.