How to eat in winter, not to gain extra weight?

In autumn and winter, we are less active than in summer, but we increasingly want to treat themselves to “something tasty”. Dietitian Elena Solomatina gave some advice on how not to gain weight in the cold season.

Как следует питаться зимой, чтобы не набрать лишний вес?

The specialist noted that, traditionally, the autumn and winter people want to eat more fatty and sugary foods, and drink more alcohol. Doctors usually associate it with drowsiness, lack of vitamin D from lack of sun, as well as worsening of mood, which can contribute to the first two factors.

To remedy the lack of nutrients without harm to the figures by using the consumption of dairy products, vegetables and small servings of fatty fish. Also sometimes and in small amounts, you can treat yourself to dark chocolate, bananas, dried fruit, nuts and vitamin smoothies.

Lovers of sweets Solomatin also advised me to give up store-bought desserts in favor of home.