How to eat sausages and who they are best avoided

Dietician Natalia Kruglova spoke about the fact that some sausages in a week will not harm healthy people, but in diseases of the digestive system and high cholesterol from the sausage should be abandoned.

Как правильно есть сосиски и кому от них лучше отказаться

13 November was 214 years from the first appearance in the world of sausages. Today, this product is incredibly popular, although the number is certainly healthy and wholesome dishes sausages in our time do not belong already any doctor.
Dietician Natalia Kruglov told about how eating sausage. First of all, the expert noted, the sausages should not be a product of daily use.
“For the manufacture of sausages using raw materials of low quality. Plus often they add spice and flavor enhancers that increase the appetite,” explained the doctor my position in this matter.

At the same time, Kruglov noted that the use of multiple sausages once a week or several times a month for a perfectly healthy man will not be dangerously harmful. In particular, if people in General used to monitor their diet and physical fitness.
However, some categories of citizens from the sausage should be abandoned, says the doctor.
“People with impaired cholesterol this product is not recommended for use. As those who suffer from diseases of the digestive system. Spices and salt in sausages can stimulate digestive enzymes, but this is not required when there are inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,” — said the nutritionist Natalia Kruglova.