How to find a job in the US to find her personal experience and advice

Today I would like to write about how to find work in America. The article will be most useful for those who studied in the US, as well as students. However, people without education and work visa learn many useful things.

Как искать работу в США, чтобы ее найти: личный опыт и советы

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As in American universities are taught to look for work

Every University has a career center which helps students in finding work, writes Sergey Timshin, the author of “Over the hill”. He is taught to make acquaintance and to go to networking events to acquire bonds. Then you say that you don’t need (almost banned) to go to all possible jobs, but it is recommended to choose a couple of companies, learn all about these firms and presented in a maximum of 2-3 selected firm. In these companies through LinkedIn to find employees, try inviting them out for coffee and find out from them contact managers for distribution summary. Sounds all logical, but…

How things really are

In fact, all this networking and introductions work very badly. Because this plan is followed by all students, this approach brand has lost all value. If you came to an important event and there exchanged business cards with dozens of people or have added new people in a social network – it means nothing. The price of this is approximately zero, no networking you didn’t, and it is unlikely someone will get him. If everyone lies about their superskills and hundreds are added each other in friends, how can you define who is — benificial? On the other hand, when you choose only 2-3 companies trying to go, with great probability you won’t even be considered because of the influx of other summary, no matter how genius you were. This option will certainly work if you a great expert and just consider changing jobs. In such a case, you have time to study the company and wait. On the other hand, good specialists usually and do they hunt without that company.

My guide to finding work in America

Prepare a good resume. Perhaps even a book for the money. It has a little to stand out from the crowd.

Meet on clothes. At Temple University we were forced to follow a strict format: a lot of letters and no Amateur. Ironically, the Professor working at Comcast, saw our summary, he said he never would have hired us, because in our summary, there is absolutely no creativity and the desire to stand out.

By the way, the summary should be on one page.

Make sure to prepare a cover letter (Cover Letter). The idea is that it should be individual for each job, but it is impossible to adjust every time. So make most versatile pattern in which change only the name of the person to which address, and company name. Also — no more than one page and a description of the most important skills.

Submit to as many as possible number of vacancies. Don’t listen to anyone. More jobs — more chance to be invited for an interview. In America its rules. If in Russia, the average answer within 2 days, and almost always, it is in the U.S. on average do not respond at all or respond in 2-3 weeks.

Don’t believe? And I kept stats:

  • 298 vacancies
  • 63 response. This including refusals and any activity of the company, that is, they somehow responded with an invitation to interview or rejection.
  • 90 hits. That moment, when the company opened at least a summary, even without writing anything. And a lot of hits come 2 months after submission.

So, statistics say that the percentage of responses is very small. Even if I didn’t take into account some of the views and slip into these 90 (298 innings) with a couple of dozens, it turns out that 50% of your statements just don’t see in your summary not even reach. So to go to 2-3 companies rather lightly. The fact that in America the labor market is too saturated, here comes the whole world. The American company is absolutely no shortage of manpower.

Complete profile on LinkedIn, and fill the well, don’t be lazy. It’s something like your business card. Not the fact that will climb to check, but if you come too, then let them all be okay. By the way, on this site all look perfect, because almost all greatly exaggerate their achievements. It is quite normal to put in the “skills” of any programming language, even if you started programming two months ago and don’t even know how to operate functions.

In my experience I can say that not all sites are good for job search. Ironically, on the same LinkedIn almost pointless to look for a job without experience, because one vacancy responds 1,000 applicants. I recommend sites such as, They had the highest percentage of responses.

Как искать работу в США, чтобы ее найти: личный опыт и советы

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Prepare a story about themselves and their skills for 30-45 seconds. This is called the elevator pitch. The name implies that if you have a short conversation in the Elevator with someone potentially interesting, you have 45 seconds to tell about yourself. On interviews almost always asked to talk about myself, then this speech can be very useful.

To find work in the United States have to go through an average of 3 interviews. The first will be on the phone with the recruiter, he knows who you are, and determine adequate whether you do man. They often did not even know about the position, it is a large sieve. A second interview will likely be in the company with the Manager. Here already you will be ask who you are and what can be useful to the company. Be sure to prepare the questions at the end of the common practice is to ask these questions. This will show that you have read the vacancy and interested in her. The third interview is the final, it will likely interviewer would be your future boss/leader. Each interview should come dressed in a jacket and trousers. So here adopted, especially on the East Coast.

By the way, do not forget to print summary. If the interview will be a few people need to be prepared to give them your resume, it happens.

In America after every interview you should send a follow up email. You can search the Internet and find the options, but the General sense is that you have to thank for the interview and say that they are interested in the vacancy. To send such an email, it is necessary not later than 24 hours after the interview.

Networking. Many are advised to make acquaintance and to seek work through them. If you are native American, then the easiest way these of Dating to get to visit all sorts of important events where all communicate with just a hint of snobbery. So, this method does not work or works very poorly. Dating should really be obtained naturally. Think about it as you have to have a familiarity with the person to two weeks to get entered and helped to find work, given that it, and without you, most likely, there are people closer. To start networking you need, but you need to understand that it is not a quick process and is unlikely to help you find a job quickly.

This is probably the basic steps to find work in the United States. Of course, there are General and from Russian reality, but it is important to understand the specifics, which I have tried to describe here. Main points: a huge amount of competition, a strong exaggeration of his skills, all the process is very long.