How to find out everything about your health on the hair

A simple method of self-diagnostics that can tell about problems with metabolism, hormones and internal organs.

Как узнать все о своем здоровье по волосам

Hair and nails reflect the overall health of the body. Therefore, many of the problems with them lie deep within us. But before you raise the alarm, swipe a little test. Pull the strand of hair in the temporal area. If you have more than five hairs, it makes sense to worry if less then all in the normal range. Do not forget that every day the person dies between twenty to sixty hair and on their place the new grow. This is a natural process. Therefore, if you have remained in the hands of a decent beam, to contact a trichologist. And now let us examine the possible causes.

Disorders in metabolism, hormonal disruption, lack of certain vitamins and minerals – the most commons are the culprits.

Physical impact is another cause of hair loss. This includes both traumatic effects when combing long hair, thermal burn a Hairdryer or a Curling iron, a direct chemical burn cosmetic products and other chemicals.

Another reason could be poisoning. It could be drugs, including chemotherapy for cancer and other household poisons.

Infectious diseases, such as different types of lichen, seborrhea, dermatosis, trichophytosis, and others, can deprive you of a fair share of hair on your head.

So, again, the causes of hair loss can be many. Only a specialist can professionally find out why you lose old hair and to appoint adequate treatment. yourself.