How to find work in the U.S. Russian-speaking immigrants

Moving to another state from any post-Soviet country, it seems very romantic. Who wouldn’t want to change the gray, cold winter, and the “work-house” on palm trees, sun and rich America. But the romance quickly evaporated when it comes to the search of means of livelihood in a new country.

Как найти работу в США русскоязычным иммигрантам

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Job search in Los Angeles, new York or Chicago could turn into an endless nerves. But this can be avoided if the right approach to the process. Here are some tips, speaking as a newcomer to quickly adapt to the new environment and find permanent employment in America. Believe me, even in the face of coronavirus and the crisis of the Russian-speaking community in the U.S. will not leave you without a job and will always help to find a way to get a livelihood.

1. Look in the Russian-speaking regions

Remember that in any large U.S. city has a large Russian-speaking community. So, Russian shops, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, mass media, rent of cars, services and repairs, travel Agency and notary and more. Often the owners of the Russian institutions are not through the sites or social networks, and by word of mouth and friends. So the best way to find work in America in the first months of stay in the country – to go through all locations of the business in your city or state.

Ideally, write them a brief summary and contact details. It is likely that about you as a potential employee, in 2-3 days will know at least 10-15% of the community.

2. Remember youth – open newspaper ad

Yes, even in 2020, this way of finding work in Los Angeles or any other popular tourist city in the United States is not obsolete. Russian-speaking employers still post jobs in local Newspapers, magazines and advertising brochures. You can find them in those Russian stores. For example, in Los Angeles it’s worth walking through grocery stores in West Hollywood and look into the Shalom or Babushka. There you will not only be able to remember the taste of home Russian food but also spend time with benefits. Usually a couple of Newspapers with ads in such establishments you’ll find.

Well, if you need a job in new York, feel free to go to Brighton beach. At the exit from the metro station in the area you will be surprised at the number of Russian business and plastered with ads with offers of work. Be sure the hours spent on Brighton beach, just give you the opportunity to earn at least for rental housing in the city.

3. Don’t forget about Russian sites

No city in the United States, where there were no close-knit Russian-speaking community. To help fellow immigrants already created several portals for job search and assistance with documents. Simply enter the search query “jobs in Los Angeles”, “job for Russian in USA” or “how to find a job in the USA” in Cyrillic, and you’ll see dozens of sites with suggestions.

For example, Russian-language portal separately assembled all the available vacancies in the most popular locations in the United States. They can learn about the labor market and in new York, and Chicago, and in Philadelphia and in Los Angeles, and Miami, and this is not the whole list of cities that covers the website. Well, if you have specific wishes, just enter the job title in the search bar. And voila! You will find hundreds of proposals, one of which did not work out.

By the way, often Russian-speaking immigrants with fluent English are American service Craigslist. Despite the fact that it is designed for use by the local population, here you can find offers for immigrants from CIS countries.

4. Join in the chats on Telegram or group in Facebook

Immigrants decided to help each other, especially newbies. Therefore, in social networks there are several large communities, where the countrymen, especially, offer a job or their housing, and then output the jobs in share.

For example, type in the Telegram the words “Working in US” and then you will get several chat rooms to choose from. The most popular, and therefore the job list has a chat with such a name. Its moderators are ready to help you with work at any point of the country. And even more: with their help, you’ll be able to post your resume or any other ad.

By spending only 1-2 days on these four items, you are guaranteed to find a job in any city in America. Already opened a Telegram? Right, don’t waste your time!


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