How to find work retired

Today in Ukraine there are 28.5 million people of working age, of whom officially are only 12.8 million people. But even after retirement, many continue to work or are looking for different options of part-time jobs, because the pensions of the poor.

Как найти работу пенсионерам

People of pre-retirement and retirement age called the generation of baby boomers (54 to 72 years; the name is due to the baby boom after the Second world war). As a rule, there is a whole range of activities, where representatives of this generation can hardly see, like IT or PR, writes Today.

“Often members of other generations they noted that working as domestic staff (nurses, personal drivers, maids, nannies, etc.) or missing with the election of professional backgrounds. In addition, according to the analysis database summary search engines of this age are actively interested in the fields of Admin. personnel, Accounting, Transportation and Construction — they were placed at 6-8% CV. Such professional interests differ from the “average” search engines are a younger age are more interested to work in IT, Sales, Marketing, etc.” — analysts recruitment portal

The company ENSOF, developing educational technology, noted that members of the generation of baby boomers there is a demand in those areas where their professional knowledge and managerial skills has not lost relevance.

“As a rule, baby boomers are interested in vacancies managerial nature (head of Department, chief accountant) or low-skilled work in an easy and flexible work schedule (cleaner, other supporting staff),” — said in comments to the website “Today” Igor Nekressa, HR Director of the company ENSOF.

Valentines Beam, HR-Director of “EDS-ENGINEERING”, says that in Ukraine the employment situation of older people looks dismal — legally they are completely defenseless before the “fine sieve” of the HR-services of public and private companies.

“Among they are interested in vacancies is dominated by the service sector: nurses, guards, conductors in public transport, housing and communal services. Civilized enough do large multinational corporations: they employ people of pre-retirement and retirement age in the sphere of public catering, adhering to strict internal quota for employment of these categories of citizens”, — says Valentina Beam.

Analysts note that if the employment of the older generation there is a significant difference with younger applicants, all other sections (wishes salaries, working hours and type of employment) queries candidates are baby boomers coincide with the General picture. Thus, the vast majority are willing to work full time and full time.

“At the same time, almost one third (32%) search engine from the number of baby boomers are willing to to 10 of 400 UAH. Slightly more (37%) noted in summary that looking for a job with a salary of from 10 to 500 20 900, 16% from 21 000 to 31 300 UAH”, — noted in the company.

Valentines Beam adds that, nevertheless, the older workers in the majority of cases, earn less the younger generation, the difference can reach 30% not in favor of baby boomers.

Despite the fact that at the legislative level it is forbidden to deny employment to people because of their age, very often even in the ads just write – require employees not older than 40 years. All this happens for a number of reasons. Often, baby boomers deny that they are not able to use new technologies and don’t always want to learn this.

According to analysts employers sometimes fear is too traditional beliefs, outdated values and health problems in older people. Nevertheless, the experts gave a few tips that will help baby boomers to find a job.

Valentines Beam notes that people in the age to remain competitive in the labour market, need to improve their skills.

“You need to learn modern information technology is one of the weaknesses of the baby boomers. Post resumes for large sites for employment, with an emphasis on their own experience and achievements. To constantly improve their skills — today, many industrial companies need specialists with knowledge of PC,” — said the expert.

Igor Nekressa adds that older people need to move from a pattern of thinking that “need work” to search your personal competitive advantage.

“Personally, I find it difficult to close the position and education by generation baby boomers at full-time. This is because teachers have other values in the construction of career: experience, state and departmental awards, the status of an employee of the institution. Therefore, in case of personnel search in the company I try to motivate other factors of human self-realization, or approach more flexible in terms of building a career to the younger generations”, shares his experience Necessa.

In also applicants are advised to brush up on your skills, explore and master the computer as well as learn how to present your experience.

“A matter of presentation experience. For a nominal 20 year career person to be executed many projects and obtained valuable skills. However, it is not necessary to list everything. The employer is only interested in the experience of the relevant open position”. Show that you “own” in any group. At the interview it is important to inform the company representative that you can interact with people of different ages. Be mobile, extend the field of their interests and Hobbies,” advised the company.