How to get compensation for a flight cancelled during the quarantine

You have already booked the tickets, planned the route and started packing a suitcase — but have a pandemic coronavirus. How you can get compensation for cancelled for this reason, the flight? Tells Fox News.

Как получить компенсацию за авиаперелет, отмененный во время карантина

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The global outbreak of coronavirus pushed the tourism industry into previously unexplored space where companies are struggling to stay afloat, and customers are demanding their money back. Since most of the U.S. there are prohibitions on hotel accommodation and travel restrictions, all have a long way to ensure that commercial air service has returned to normal, as it once was.

If you — the disappointed traveller, whose journey was cancelled during the outbreak COVID-19, you’re hardly alone, says Brian Kelly, CEO and founder of the Points Guy.

Expert travel explained how to get compensation for the tickets, but also shared tricks for smart purchases in the future.

As Kelly says, you will likely be able to receive compensation in case if the flight was cancelled by airline, unlike the situation when last minute changes made by you. Don’t cancel your flight on its own initiative until the last minute, let the airline.

If the airline cancels the flight, you are entitled to a refund. At the same time, if possible, the expert recommends to accept the voucher, if the company will offer you a bonus over and above what you paid.

Kelly shares her favorite advice for communication with customer service of the airline.

“If you don’t hear “Yes” from the customer service, follow the rule H-U-C-B: Hang Up, Call Back (Hang up, Call back). Ultimately you can get an agent willing to cooperate more readily. And don’t forget about the need to be polite. All companies oriented to customers are under pressure and are faced with the same pandemic,” says the specialist.

How customers can protect themselves when booking future trips? Kelly advises to familiarize yourself with applicable rules of the airlines regarding changes and fees for cancellation. If you need additional protection, please note on travel insurance. Most insurance policies provided by credit cards Top Travel Rewards do not cover everything related to the pandemic, so don’t count on what they will reimburse you the costs if your trip must be changed or cancelled.

The policy of “cancel for any reason” allows you to cancel your flight for whatever reason, if you comply with the required conditions.

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