How to get driving license in USA: a personal experience of immigrant

Coming to the United States, it’s hard not to notice that the public transport network here is not very developed, especially the conspicuous lack of long-distance flights. Therefore, in order to move freely around the country and not feel the restrictions, the majority of immigrants seeking to obtain a driver’s license. The author of the blog “Russian in America” on “Yandex.Zen” told how to do it.

Как получить водительское удостоверение в США: личный опыт иммигрантки

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Some incredible facts about the procedure for obtaining the treasured American identity from my personal experience.

In most cities in the United States no driving schools. Teach the theory itself is available at the official online resources, and receive driving practice under the supervision of senior family members or friends.

Driver’s license replace the American passport — ID. It sell alcohol and must present in official institutions.

The most convenient way to prepare for a computer test to solve online tasks on the multiple choice. However, the real test turned out to be significantly different from train: 4, and 3 possible answers; as for me, there were more questions on fines and on logic than on signs and rules.

On the computer exam are offered 30 questions, and you can avoid 6 mistakes (you need 80% correct answers). I made 4 mistakes, answered wrong on such insignificant, in my opinion, questions like “What is the penalty for minors in case of detection of blood alcohol?” or “What the court takes the license if you misbehave on the road?”.

At some point in the exam I was scared that I would fail the test because not only the wording but also the topics of the questions were much broader than I thought.

In each state the design of your driver’s license. Exactly like some rules of the road. If you already have a valid license from another state or country, from taking a driving test you are exempt. Likely to ask only a theory to make sure you know the local rules.

Having a provisional license (Learner’s permit), you can legally drive a car in the city if there is at least one adult licensed driver. It has a special brake pedal is not required.

The cost of the student’s rights for a period of 2 years — $7. A full driving license is given for 4 years and worth $24, i.e. $6 a year. No extra fees no.

In the past month, I’ve already skated for 4 hours with a friend in Oxford, is now hoping to continue the practice to pass driving test and get the key to the fulfilment of my wildest dreams.


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