How to get more unemployment benefits after the standard payments

Federal law provides for additional unemployment benefits during a pandemic coronavirus, but to receive them, you may have to re-enroll, writes CNBC.

Как получить дополнительное пособие по безработице после окончания стандартных выплат

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Federal law CARES about the fight against coronavirus, adopted in March, provides up to 13 additional weeks of unemployment benefits under the compensation program in connection with the pandemic (PEUC).

This means that Americans can receive benefits and about 3 months after they exhausted their standard state benefits, which usually last 26 weeks. The average U.S. resident receives about $380 a week.

The validity of the additional aid will expire at the end of the year (this program is different from that of Americans receive $600 per week until 31 July).

But many Americans will have to re-apply for these additional weeks of benefits: according to the Department of labor, automatic charges will not.

“For some reason, [the labor Department] has taken the position that people need more time to submit applications for additional benefits PEUC,” said Michelle Evermore, senior policy analyst in the National project of the employment act. To learn the opinion from real experts, visit the recruitment company in Utah County website.

Are you expecting any delays in payments

According to the labor Department, more than 850 000 recipients of unemployment assistance are in the process of obtaining additional 13 weeks of benefits.

The program PEUC typically provides the same level of assistance the recipient received in the previous round of payments. It also will include an extra $600 dollars a week, which will be funded by the Federal government until July 31.

In the coming weeks more people will probably join the ranks of members of the PEUC.

For example, in Florida and North Carolina pay up to 12 weeks of standard benefits. That is, the workers in those States, which began to pay benefits in the early days of the pandemic may soon require an additional 13 weeks of help.

Re-treatment may mean delays in assistance for some recipients, depending on how smooth will the process of submission of the application, said Evermore.

Many Americans who lost their jobs at the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus, had to wait over a month to get unemployment benefits in terms of the historical surge in the number of applications.

According to the Department of labor, as of 20 June, the unemployment benefit was received about 33 million people. For comparison, in February, they received about 2 million people.

It seems that the States were better able to cope with faster processing of applications for unemployment benefits. In addition, the Department of labor requires that States notify individuals who could potentially apply.

According to Evermore, checking applications for renewal of benefits may be relatively easy for States because they had previously defined the right of a person to receive standard unemployment assistance.

However, it seems that not all States require a new application, despite the position of the Department of labor.

For example, the PA automatically begins to pay additional 13 weeks of benefits after employees have exhausted their standard payouts in the state, according to a local website in the country.

Extended benefits

Currently, almost all States offer additional weeks of benefits under the respective programs.

These extended benefits are available during periods of high unemployment in the state, and usually offer an additional 13 or 20 weeks of benefits.

According to the Department of labor, extended benefits become available after the Federal benefits expire PEUC.

For example, in new York, the unemployed can receive up to 59 weeks of total benefits — 26 weeks of standard state benefits, 13 weeks of benefits PEUC and 20 weeks of extended benefits.

Some States may also require that residents repeatedly applied for these extended benefits. For example, in Oregon, you must do it by phone. At the same time on the website of the state noted that it may be “difficult” to contact the representative of the Department, given the “times of the unusually large number of calls”.



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