How to get rid of belly fat

One of the most problematic areas for weight loss – belly. To get rid of it is not so easy, but I want to get a steel press. In addition, the abdomen is the part of the body, which many girls realize it’s time to lose weight, claims on the page in Instagram nutritionist Helen Cullen, who taught to cope with nutritional breakdowns.

Как избавиться от жира на животе

The stomach is, of course, the internal organs. And when gaining extra weight and growing belly, it means that bodies acquire fat. This abdomen indicates to us that most likely the diet a lot of fast carbohydrates: flour products, sweets.
And sometimes it seems that only the healthy foods you eat, and drink tea without sugar and without chocolate, ice cream and hundred years did not eat. But for some reason the stomach does not go away.

Therefore, girls often go on low-calorie foods, “healthy” fruit and start eating them in large quantities. Hunger is not my aunt, try not assuage. And even included the idea: “Fruit — it’s healthy! Without hunger to eat the vitamins!” And with the abdomen more and more.

Of course, in fruits contain vitamins! Advocates proper nutrition offer often drink freshly squeezed juices, fruit smoothies. And if one Apple is approximately 2 tablespoons of sugar, in a glass of juice from 3 apples will have 6 tablespoons of sugar. In addition, you are devoid of fiber, the bowel is not clean, and of vitamins is much less.

If you do remove the fruits from the diet, you will lose nothing. All the vitamins and minerals you get from vegetables and other products. So, if you want to get rid of belly, pay attention to the foods that you eat.