How to get the extra $600 to unemployment benefit after the official end of the payments

Increase weekly unemployment benefits by $600 expires on 31 July, but you can get the money retroactively, writes The Penny Hoarder.

Как получать дополнительные $600 к пособию по безработице после официального окончания выплат

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The Department of labor confirmed that the allowance in the amount of $600 per week, known as Federal compensation for pandemic unemployment, or FPUC, payable for all weeks from March 28 to 31 July. If you can confirm that you were without work during this period, you are entitled to payment for those weeks.

“The person entitled to payment FPUC $600 for the weeks to which they are entitled… you can get paid even if they were not approved as recipients before the deadline [July 31],” wrote representatives of the Department of labor.

What does it mean? If you have received permission to unemployment benefits after July 31, you can receive compensation, which includes a weekly fee of $600 for each week from March 28 to 31 July. Time FPUC include 17 payment periods in the amount of approximately $10 200.

Payment retroactively is particularly relevant if you receive care in a pandemic unemployment (PUA). While the whole system of unemployment suffers from delays, the deployment of this assistance was particularly problematic. States for weeks waiting for guidance from the Department of labor prior to implementing the method of acceptance of applications for PUA.

After receiving instructions from the Department of justice most States required that applicants PUA first applied for participation in the standard unemployment insurance in their States, which received tens of millions of new applications.

How to work in retroactive payments?

The Department of labor has provided some guidance to eligible for unemployment benefits.

“To qualify for retroactive payments in the form of a standard unemployment benefit plus $600 or PUA plus $600, applicants must confirm your eligibility for each week claimed. The States have processes through which to do it,” — said representatives of the Department.

For example, if you have some time did not work, but received permission to Dole just the other day, not apply only for the current and subsequent weeks. Make a request for every week that you can confirm as the time when you were not working in connection with the pandemic COVID-19.

Retroactive payments FPUC was not expressly mentioned in the Law CARES for $2 trillion, greatly expanding the system of unemployment benefits. The labor Department mentioned retroactive payments in the April guidance on the implementation of new and enhanced benefits. The letter was sent to each state office for unemployment.

“When States begin to provide this payment, the person eligible for assistance will receive retroactive payments from the date when the right to receive or the date of signing of agreement with the state, depending on that will come later,” — said in a letter to the Department of labor.

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