How to help Americans without jobs due coronavirus: list of charities

Now, these charities need your support more than ever.

Как помочь американцам, оставшимся без работы из-за коронавируса: список благотворительных фондов

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In a matter of days, everyone on the planet turned on its head.

Coronavirus spread to pandemic proportions. In this regard, scientists and politicians the world urge people to do everything possible to stop its further spread. And this, as we know, involves a rejection of the familiar to us life.

No more trips to the restaurant and get-togethers with friends. No full-time education, entertainment, clubs, night hits movie. Apart from the obvious social consequences, for many people there will be serious financial.

Fortunately, people came together to help the needy and the victims of this global crisis. Here are a few organizations that now collect donations and will welcome your participation. In these difficult times every dollar will be by the way and any help will be useful.

Charitable organization Feeding America

Feeding America is one of the most famous nonprofit organizations in the country, which during a pandemic, not only supports the most vulnerable among us. And when the coronavirus has spread, the organization has redoubled its efforts “in helping the public and targeted to people facing hunger, where they would not be located.”

As reported in a recent statement, the famous cosmetic brand Farmacy will provide 10,000 Lunches every day for the next 30 days to Fund a program of Feeding America, aimed at combating hunger due COVID-19. And here’s how you can help: every donation will be doubled by the company Farmacy.

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Pay Up Hollywood

Because of the coronavirus, manufacture of television and cinema products was suspended. At the time, like superstars don’t need our help, ordinary workers such as food service providers, assistants, makeup artists and others – remained without earnings. They are willing to help Fund Pay Up Hollywood.

“As soon as the payments stop, the staff will not be able to afford to pay rent and other living expenses on unemployment benefits in the amount of $450,- said the representative of the Fund. — Worse still is the situation of civilian workers on form 1099, which will not have revenues during the crisis and will not be able to count on Federal support.”

At the moment, the organization collected nearly $200,000, which will be aimed at helping those who leave the application and confirm that it is entitled to payment. Important every dollar.

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A program of emergency assistance to employees of the restaurant business

Frankly, the restaurant business was faced with total crisis. According to information from the Department of statistics, workers in the field of food preparation and service is 5.3% of the entire workforce of the United States. And most of these people were left without work. It is what the national charitable Foundation USBG has created the “Program of emergency aid to the employees of the restaurant business.”

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One Fair Wage

Non-profit organization One Fair Wage, whose name translates as “One fair wage”, designed to help representatives of those professions, the main source of income was tips. The program is already running, but needs your donations to help more people.

“We offer support to employees of establishments, drivers, staff, delivery services, servants and others, who can’t survive without money,” – said in the appeal of the project team. “Please help!”.

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Solidarity Fund of employees of the film industry

At the time, how we enjoy watching movies at home, workers of the film industry be without work. They have the support of solidarity Fund for employees of the film industry.

“We live under restrictions due to a pandemic, this means that the theaters of new York will be closed for a long time. It forces us to accept the challenge and to show solidarity. These limitations were necessary in order to slow the spread COVID-19, but many workers who were paid hourly, will pay for this solution out of pocket”.

The project team focused on collecting donations for cinemas of new York to “promptly, though modestly, to help those members of society who have suffered because of our needs.”

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