How to help with severe allergies?

What to do with anaphylactic shock before the ambulance. The advice of a physician.

Как помочь при тяжелой аллергии?

Anaphylactic shock is a life – threatening allergic reaction. The shock occurs at the meeting of the body to the allergen, explains the allergologist Anna Sergeeva. – The immune system reacts to it and you experience itching, swelling, and pressure drop. But it’s not anaphylactic shock. It usually occurs when the secondary contact with the allergen develops instantly or in the first hour after contact and have more serious consequences. May be the result of bites of snakes or insects, medicines and food, worms and even intense muscular effort.

The first signs of an anaphylactic reaction is panic, fear of death, itching, fever, and edema. The next stage decompression, weakness, possible unconsciousness, and asphyxiation due to laryngeal edema. Added to this are seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, heart pain. But not necessary that these symptoms will still appear.

What to do:

  • Call for an ambulance.

Even if it is a relief, no one is immune from the arrival of the second wave.

  • Free the man from the substance that caused the shock.

If it’s food, clean mouth, drip – stop insertion medications, bee remove the stinger.

  • Arrange the victim.

Lay the patient on his back, put his feet above his head, turn his head to the side, that man choked on his own vomit. If a person is already sick, clean the mouth, remove the mucus. Provide access to fresh air, open Windows and doors, free of the man’s neck and chest.

  • Monitor

Check breathing and heartbeat. If the heart isn’t beating, do chest compressions. Artificial respiration if person not breathing, inefficient, and prevents swelling. In this case not to do without adrenaline. If the person has got into such a situation, he must have a pen with this drug. You need to inject intramuscularly in any location, even through clothing.

And again. The sooner you call an ambulance, the more likely you are to save people. Don’t panic, your relaxed state will help you to do the right thing.