How to immigrate to the United States, if you are of age and no higher education

Immigrate in the United States at the age of without American higher education? Then you definitely need to find a term such as community college, writes in his blog, the teacher whoth came to live in the United States.

Как иммигрировать в США, если вы в возрасте и без высшего образования

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Hereinafter in the first person.

There are people (including my friends) who are well settled in America without a local higher education. They are, however, already spoke English “in ignjatovski” at the time of arrival, and still. Wherever you are, it is not abandoned in America, just looking for a local community college.

American higher education for a bright future

With the local education Americans willing to take people to work. Of course, there are professions which you can learn and home, and in the US just confirm them, but if you are not a doctor and geek, fluent in English, studying in an American University you help very much.

Work the first time can be the most unsightly. To undertake necessary for any and constantly repeat to himself the words of Mayakovsky “all good works”, the more that Americans look down upon the person who sweeps the streets or cleans restrooms.

If you have a choice, you have to agree on the kind of work that would have exhausted the least, and whose salary covers the Spartan living conditions along with the tuition in community college. Learning should be the purpose of making money, that is the main thing — not enrichment, and receive an American education. Then all the rest.

Ideally, if an American works more than 20 hours per week, then his rating can go down, that is, immigrants need to be adjusted not only to work more than 20 hours a week but earning excellent grades in community college. Though the blood from his nose.

What is community college?

It seems to be a UNIVERSITY, but resembles a school evening school for the Soviet working youth. Day — work, and after work — study.

In the community college are going to people who may be playing the fool in school and growing up, the mind took over and went for a high school diploma. There are many adults who work and simultaneously improve their education, as in the movie “Big break”. There can be Teens, if the school has become easier. Well, of course, the foreigners sitting in classes with them.

Many Americans wrinkle their noses from community colleges, they say, they’re not real Universities. Real is such a study in which they will have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most likely, for many long years.

Community college can be completed in just two years and only a few thousands of dollars, and then to transfer to 4-year UNIVERSITY to receive a bachelor’s degree. Many friends and acquaintances received scholarships, one full, one partial. With a BA already and the job will be to find a decent. Then stand firmly on his feet.

Personal experience of studying in community college

I studied in this University for the next two years. Summer also took courses in order to meet the deadline. Honed language and oral and written. Learned to learn the American way. Most importantly, I was able to transfer to a UNIVERSITY and to study on the bachelor absolutely for free. Received a full scholarship.

With full confidence I can say that without the skills of writing and speaking acquired in community college, would not be able normally to study for a bachelor’s degree. And so, another tutor was hired for checking essays and research papers my American classmates.

Studied mainly in the evening, because the evening classes went three times cheaper. Travelled everywhere on the bus, on the car and insurance is not to spend money, but at the same time the lessons in the way to do it. Saved at all. As the son of the regiment, residents of a small town in New England where I found myself, collected my clothing and shoes, as I arrived just for one summer.

I must say that the Americans are happy to help immigrants who have a goal or even a dream that is not related to ordinary material enrichment. Make a lot of money will not produce the desired impression on those Americans who took and helped than could, if the dream would have been more sublime.

Conditions for student visa

The most difficult requirement for obtaining a student visa F-1 is associated with a Bank account, which should be a certain amount, which would be enough for a year’s worth of accommodation and food in the US during the study. Each community college has its own amount which must be on account of the student’s future. However, it is usually never specified how long this amount should be on the account.


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