How to improve memory: seven simple ways

Memory is one of the essential indicators of good health and success in social life.

Как улучшить память: семь простых способов

However, for daily activities the brain is oversaturated with plenty of information, which are forgotten even the most obvious things.

The experts gave seven useful tips, how to strengthen memory and learn to think faster.

Squeeze the fist

Strange, at first glance, the Council, however it really works. Studies show that if during remember a phone number or other things to compress and unclench the right hand into a fist, the information will be remembered better.

This is because such movement has a positive effect on the activity of neurons in the frontal lobe of the brain and contributes to a more rapid processing of information.

Repeat before bedtime

Specialist in memory and Professor of psychology at Bournemouth University Andrew Johnson advises that for best utilization of any information should be read or viewed before going to sleep.

The first few minutes before falling sleep, those memories will revolve in your mind and you’ll be better remember them the next day.

Use the alphabet

The author of the book “memory Boosters” Joanna Iddon offers a simple and effective way to recall a particular desired fact.

For example, if you forgot the name of the actor from a movie, mentally listing all the letters of the alphabet and analyze, not on whether the letter begins the name of a forgotten actor. This technique really works.

Drink less alcohol

Alcohol, of course, can help you sleep, but in the second half of the night the sleep will get worse, turning into a light slumber, during which the person is not resting.

Because of insufficient rest during sleep, decreased concentration and memory.

Spoken thoughts aloud

Scientists have proven that when we say the information you want to remember out loud, she actually remembered better. A simple and effective way.

Draw in thoughts

Use this technique of remembering as mnemonics – a replacement of objects and facts associative images. For example, if you want to remember the name of John Bridge, I imagine on his face, the bridge (bridge – bridge) or the card game bridge.

Eat like a Greek

American scientists came to the conclusion that the Mediterranean diet can not only positively affect your body, but also help preserve memory and reduce the risk of dementia.

The experts considered food 17.5 thousand people with an average age of 64 years and as it turned out, the people who followed the Mediterranean diet were 19% less likely to develop memory problems.