How to improve performance in fitness?

What and when you should eat to increase productivity in training? Beet juice will actually make you run faster? Sports nutritionist James Collins shares the key training tips.

Как повысить производительность в фитнесе?

The food depends on the intensity of the exercise

At low activity (e.g. walking and Jogging), the body burns fat as its primary energy source. Therefore please minimize the amount of carbohydrates, stimulating the use of fat as fuel.

“This means that you need a snack with high protein, e.g., scrambled eggs, salmon, scrambled eggs, yogurt.”

During heavy exercise intensity increases, the body uses more carbohydrates as fuel.

“You need to eat meals based on carbs before. Good options include oatmeal, banana, potatoes or a salad of quinoa”.

Caffeine can!

Morning Cup of your favorite beverage can improve performance during training.

“Studies continue to show that caffeine before exercise can improve performance, reducing perceived stress, says James.

Beet juice

Beet juice is one of the few products that have stood the test of efficiency.

“Recent studies continue to show that dietary nitrate (in particular, from beet juice) can increase endurance, explains James. They work, increasing the efficiency of the muscles, because the nitrates reduce the amount of oxygen required for energy production.