How to keep your body in the cold? Advises nutritionist

Late autumn and winter it’s tempting to lie under a warm blanket periodically looking in the fridge. The disappointing result of such a pastime — weight detected in the spring. A nutritionist talks about simple rules that will keep health, emotional balance and shape.

Как сохранить фигуру в холода? Советует диетолог

How much you can gain?

To maintain the same weight throughout the year is not easy, and not necessary, the main thing is not to gain too much. 2-3 kilograms are considered the best “stock” for the autumn-winter cold. With the onset of spring, increased physical activity and easier food, they will leave without difficulty.


“When we are cold, the body begins to produce cortisol. It is a stress hormone that adversely affects health and leads to overeating, aging of the skin, increases the level of blood sugar. In order to reduce in the diet include certain foods”.

These foods include: porridge, useful In vitamin, fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and lean meat — Turkey, chicken breast, beef, veal.

“This diet makes us feel full while keeping the calorie balance. Much less will want fast food and sweets.”

Indulge in your favorite desserts can not just eat a little, and in the first half of the day. Harmless to include marshmallows, dark chocolate, honey. Many are trying to refuse dinner to not gain weight — it’s not right.