How to live and work without English in the USA: personal experience

How Russian-speaking immigrants manage to live in Los Angeles and work, almost not knowing English and trying to teach him, says Nicholas, the author of the channel “Yandex.Zen”.

Как жить и работать без английского в США: личный опыт

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Tell people that I work with — and work in a Russian store in Russian-speaking people, mostly from Ukraine.

The first example

So, there is a couple of women who came in the 90s, during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Having lived in the US for 30 years, they don’t speak English. Directly horribly wrong and nothing but “Hello” to say. But they had no problems with it, I buy food products in Russian stores, bought the machine through Russian. Pharmacies English-speaking — please, doctors — for God’s sake, plumbers, mechanics, lawyers, taxi, in any large store you meet Russian-speaking people everywhere. So here, in Hollywood (near Los Angeles), you can survive without speaking English.

For me it’s a horrible situation, because my English is not improving. This means that you can stay in this line of work longer than necessary — and stay in 30 years in America without English.

The second example

Still from work. We have in the store have a boyfriend, he’s 33 years old. He came to the United States on a tourist visa in 2018 and filed for political asylum. But he has no English at all. As he says, work without English easier to find, but I cannot.

And here he found the store where hired mostly Russian-speaking people. And he told me every time said:

— As cool as if he had not left Russia.

To which I reply:

— No, man, not cool.

He argues that it should all be, and he doesn’t need it. Okay, it’s his right.

The third example

My friend got the US passport and brought her home at the age of 50 years.

Mom found work through a Russian employment offices as mom doesn’t understand a word in English. The work of the nurse-girlfriend in a woman 65 years. And here they walk, watching Russian soap operas on TV and she lives next door to her apartment and receives$ 500 a week, which, as she says, does not know how to spend.

So there you could get a job without English, because Russian-speaking community in Los Angeles is huge.



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