How to live if you are a workaholic?

Doctors tell you what diseases is threatened by workaholism.

Сколько осталось жить, если вы – трудоголик?

Cardiologist, Professor Yuriy serebryanskiy States that high levels of workaholism makes the body. For example, the cases of death in 30-35 years due to strokes and heart attacks. And those who survived, starting at a young age to suffer from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, nervous disorders.

Target organs workaholics

The heart and blood vessels
Constant tension wears out the blood vessels.

Gastrointestinal tract
Under stress our bodies produce less of the necessary substances to restore the mucosa, as a result, gastritis and ulcers.

A weakened immune system
The body will try to relax workaholics often become infected with the flu and other colds.

The nervous strain gives to the brain will switch and relax, the result is depression, eating disorders, insomnia, nervous breakdowns.

Why you need to rest?

According to doctors, the rest should be full, if you do at the weekend cottage, renovated, it is comparable to regular work and is not useful. It is best to travel.

A therapist advises Anna taipova weekend not to get involved in social networks and the Internet. If traveling to a far country, no funds then you can go for a walk in the local parks, meet with friends. This is a positive aspect for work – from healthy, rested and happy person is of more use.