How to live to 100 years? The secrets of centenarians revealed a researcher from USA

American researcher Dan Buettner found in the world of some “anomalous zones” where people live to be 100 years or more. He has carefully studied their habits, compiled, and gave recommendations for those who want lived a long and happy life.

Как дожить до 100 лет? Секреты долгожителей раскрыл исследователь из США

Anomalous zones of longevity in the world

The Island Of Sardinia

There are a lot of centenarians among the shepherds. They are distinguished by high physical activity (walking on the mountains and herd the sheep), food, rich in barley, sheep cheese, bread and wine. They have a lot of children.

Okinawa (Japan)
The basis of their diet is potatoes and tofu (bean curd). Parents want to help their children with the neighborhood from a very early age. Usually this friendship remains for life. Residents of Okinawa has many and close social contacts.

Loma Linda (CA)
Spend a lot of time outdoors, go to a Church service. Very friendly, support neighbors, feel a spiritual closeness with other people. Eat mostly plant foods, do not abuse alcohol and do not smoke.

Ikaria Island (Greece)
Drink wine of our own production, engage in agriculture, and maintain close family and friendship ties, sleep at least 8 hours a day.

How to live to 100 years?

1. There are many plant foods rich in fiber.
2. Have at least 3 friends that you are 100% sure, and with whom you have warm and sincere relations.
3. Not Smoking, not abusing alcohol.
4. Be active at least 45 minutes a day — a walk in the Park to fitness.
5. To believe in God and go to Church.