How to lose weight for the New year without exercise

American nutritionists have talked about some of the ways to lose weight for people who for whatever reason are unable (or unwilling) to do regular exercises and going to the gym.

Как похудеть к Новому году без физических упражнений

The first thing to give preference to foods rich in protein such as tofu, nuts, legumes, and freshwater fish. Such food quickly saturates and allows you to avoid overeating.

Also nutritionists advise to eliminate from the diet sweet beverages such as soda, tonics, energy drinks and fruit juices. They contain many “empty” calories and increase blood sugar levels. Not be amiss at the same time to abandon (at least temporarily) from fast carbs. Try to live without sugar until the New year – the result will be obvious.

Need to reduce the amount of salt in the diet – no more than one teaspoon a day and water will not linger in the body.

In addition, it is recommended to lead a generally more active lifestyle (in particular, to spend more time outdoors and prefer stairs to escalators and elevators).

It is very important to sleep at the most to a strict schedule, avoiding not getting enough sleep, and avoid stress.