How to lose weight with cottage cheese

Doctors have described an effective cottage cheese diet.

Как похудеть при помощи творога

This product occupies an important place in the menu of almost all losing weight — due to the huge amount of useful minerals enzymes, accelerating the metabolism.

The following menu options can be used not only to produce a full diet, but also as the basis for fasting days and increase metabolism. Worth noting: cottage cheese diet, like any other, consisting of nanoproduktov, do not stick to longer than three to five days.

Diet number 1
Classic cottage cheese diet for weight loss: 500 g of cottage cheese and 500 ml of kefir to distribute five meals. The rest of the time drink water, green tea, herbal teas on the basis of Goji berries and/or hips in an unlimited number. Helps to lose up to 5 pounds in three days.

Diet No. 2
Consists of five recommended meals, in each of which it is possible to eat one hundred grams of cottage cheese with your favorite toppings — nuts, honey, berries and fruit. A useful option is to add 1-2 tablespoons of bran, soaked beforehand in hot water. Stick to the diet from 3 to 5 days.

Diet No. 3
Perhaps the most varied diet of the options. For Breakfast, you should eat porridge on water, a piece of boiled meat lean with various vegetables and tea with honey. For lunch — a serving of curd or any diet meals based on it. A pleasant indulgence — rye toast. Dinner is the same, but the carbs in the bread will have to give. And don’t forget healthy snacks: for example, apples or oranges. This diet is quite compatible with physical exertion and will get rid of 3-4 kg of excess weight.

Diet No. 4
Menu this diet includes 500 grams of cottage cheese and one kilogram of fruit (except bananas, grapes, mangoes) or vegetables (raw or steamed). With this menu, you can in a short time to lose weight up to 5 kg. To strengthen the result, it is important not only to adhere strictly to the diet, but wisely to get out of it. The efforts were not in vain, gradually add the menu, lean meats and vegetables and only a couple of days — the usual for your diet products.