How to lower cholesterol and blood sugar without medication

That eating cranberries lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, said the scientists from the University of Tampere.

Как снизить уровень холестерина и сахара в крови без лекарств

Lingonberries contain very useful substances for the body — resveratrol, quercetin, kemferol, proanthocyanidins. Possible action related to the ability of cranberries to reduce elevated levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, allow the Finnish experts who have studied the properties of berries. In their study, they concluded that cranberries can affect the body much more significantly than previously thought. In particular, the berry helps to reduce inflammation and stimulates the metabolism

Scientists have conducted an experiment on mice, divided into two groups. In the same animals were fed fats and carbohydrates, in addition to the other stern gave the cranberry in powder form.

In the result of animals receiving the cranberries, slowly gaining weight, and inflammation in their body were less intense than in mice in the first group. In addition, cranberries have improved cholesterol and blood sugar animals that ate it.

Now the experts will determine which components of cranberries give such a positive effect.