How to maintain muscle mass during dieting


Physical activity – any – important for overall health, but physical activity really affects how you lose weight. And those who abuse the cardio, can get the opposite effect, noted nutritionist Natalia Koshkina.

Как сохранить мышечную массу во время диеты

They have all the right food, they know about the First whale diet (the calorie deficit), but lose not just fat…They lose and muscles.

Why you need muscles:

1. Due to the muscles the body becomes firmer, toned, sexy.
Note for women: you will not turn into a muscular monster. This is another myth.

2. The more muscle, the faster metabolism so you can eat more and continue to lose weight.

3. The growth of muscle mass and strength are other nice bonuses:

  • more energy during the day
  • leaves crunching and creaking in the joints
  • improve flexibility and posture
  • improve coordination and balance
  • grow your confidence
  • will decrease the likelihood of age-related health problems, such as decreased bone density, fibromyalgia, back pain and hip joints
  • you’ll be able to hike with ease and climb stairs
  • and to get the mezzanine with a heavy box of old photos to show their grandchildren
  • and to carry children in their arms
  • and less tired

How to maintain muscle mass during a diet:

Now you know why expend the effort to maintain muscle mass while you’re on caloric deficit.

But how to do it? For this you need 3 things.

1. Keep a moderate calorie deficit

Too severe caloric deficit may have a negative impact on your consistency and wellbeing. But it can lead to loss of muscle mass! Therefore, the optimal deficit is when you lose no faster than ~0.5-1% body mass per week. This is the Golden middle to lose weight without losing muscle.

2. Enough protein

Protein consists of amino acids that are the building material. When we train in the hall, microcracks in the muscles. To recover and grow, they need protein – it is therefore extremely important to obtain it in abundance.

At least 1.5, but preferably 2 g per 1 kg of body weight. It is that quantity which will allow muscles to grow and you not to be hungry.

3. Strength training

Strength training is the best way to maintain/build muscle mass when you are dieting.

How old are you, how much you weigh, whether you have experience does not matter. Strength training will help you become leaner, stronger, look and feel better.

And if you have no medical contraindications, it is better to start doing it. They have too many advantages to resist it.

Not very fun fact: you think you’re too old to start lifting weights?

From the age of 30, you lose 1-2% of muscle each year. From this comes a slower metabolism and the risk of injury increases.

Weight training help to slow/prevent muscle loss, support metabolism and bone strength. If you still think “too old”, think again!

Why strength work:

When we lift weights, the muscles are destroyed. In response, the body repairs them, increasing in size and strength, while adapting to future loads.

Strength training (with a mind) + consistency = muscle growth and strength

If you focus on the right things, you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

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