How to maintain the health of office workers

As soon as call them — clerks, “office plankton” and “office hamsters”. Meanwhile, it is not so harmless work — rapid loss of vision, carpal tunnel syndrome, frequent colds — not all the dangers that await office workers.

Как сохранить здоровье офисным работникам

Experts gave their recommendations regarding workplace organization and space around us.


Long daily work at the computer is not the best effect on vision. To reduce the negative impact of follow two rules: the distance from the monitor to eye must be 45 inches, while the upper point of the monitor should be below eye level.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This disease can be accurately called “professional.” The reason — the mouse in the wrong position. Symptoms: arm pain, tingling, numbness. To avoid carpal tunnel syndrome try to do exercises for the hands during breaks and buy a cushion for the wrist.

Musculoskeletal system

Sitting for hours in an unnatural pose negative impact on the spine, and General sedentary life can lead to degradation of the joints and weakening of the muscles. Experts recommend every half hour to make a small breaks to stretch. And part of lunch to spend on a walk.

It is also important to follow the optimal humidity — too dry air from air conditioning and Central heating promotes the rapid spread of bacteria.

Experts recommend regular providesmore to detect disease at an early stage.