How to “make the waist” with Hoop

During its centuries of existence, mankind has invented a lot of ways of keeping yourself in good shape. What is not discussed: and all sorts of diets and fasting, and a variety of exercise… but one of the most original and in many ways pleasant ways remained the Hoop.

Как «сделать талию» с помощью обруча

Interestingly, his creation of the miracle wrap must American Arthur for Melina, the founder of the company WHAM-O, which specialized in so-called flying saucers, however, soon lost its popularity. And then they were replaced by the hula Hoop. Being immediately popular, it has acquired unprecedented success: in the first year the world has sold more than a million hoops (!).

In the CIS hula hooping appeared in 60-ies. But it was received with cool indifference. In the 90 years hula hooping has become the most popular in Bulgaria as a circus. There for the first time began to practice twirling multiple hoops on the course throughout the body. In the future, with a troupe of circus hula hooping has come in our country.
The benefits of exercises with a Hoop

But what gives the Hoop with you, as a subject for sports? To your attention the list of advantages of training with a Hoop:

A pleasant pastime. The hula Hoop makes the fight against overweight exceptionally enjoyable.
An assistant in the training of muscles of hands, back, legs and shoulders. Its use provides lots of options stretching exercises.
Effective organization of time. Rotating the Hoop in just 10 minutes a day in the area of the waist, you will feel a significant effect in its reduction and strengthening. Each of us remembers as a girl the day twisted Hoop around the waist. Now we have matured and I removed the old Hoop for a wardrobe to gather dust. But, even in childhood, we broke up with our dreams: we, as before, the dream of a beautiful slim body and smooth skin. There is a simple way to make the dream a reality. This is the way of childhood is the hula Hoop.
Exercises with a Hoop develop coordination, flexibility, strength, sense of rhythm, artistry, but also great to burn excess fat in problem areas of your body.
The normalization of the bowel.
Burning extra pounds. Elasticity, flexibility and ease of rotation of the hula Hoop will allow you to eliminate excess fat from any part of the body without difficult and boring exercises.


Making sure that exercises with a Hoop will bring you not only pleasure, but also a huge favor, pay attention to the technique.

So, stand up straight, legs straight or slightly bent at the knees at shoulder width or slightly wider. The body weight is evenly distributed on the foot, toes directed slightly outward. Take a Hoop in hands.
Tighten your abdominal muscles and lower back. Try to keep them in this position throughout the exercise. You can now let go of the ring, setting him in the rotation. The movements of the body and legs and neck make the Hoop spin around your waist and hips.

And don’t forget that everything is in your hands. The sooner you start the path to the ideal figure, the faster it will pass.

Despite the fact that to rotate your hips and hula-Hoop — a prerogative of women, men can also use hula-hoops to combat the “beer” belly.
In an effort to make the waist do not overdo it: a weighted hula Hoop it is not recommended to turn longer than 20 minutes. But if you want such exercises can be repeated two or three times a day.
The result of your efforts is manifested faster, combine them with a healthy balanced diet. After a workout, an hour and a half you shall not eat: the body needs to recover and calm down. Otherwise, all diligently spent kilocalories back.