How to make traveling to the border easier this weekend

How to make traveling to the border easier this weekend


Many travelers will be crossing the border on Friday hoping to take advantage of the upcoming sunny days during the long Thanksgiving holiday on Monday. Here are five tips to make crossing the border easier this weekend, according to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

1) Prepare

During the long holiday, wait times at the border may be longer than usual due to the large number of travelers crossing at the same time. For this reason, the CBSA advises travelers to check border wait times in advance. It is also recommended to arrive earlier in the morning, during off-peak hours, to avoid long queues.

2) Make your declaration in advance

Travelers arriving by air at Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal international airports can submit their customs and immigration declaration to the CBSA prior to their arrival. To do this, simply fill out the form in the “CBSA Declaration” section of the ArriveCAN app.

3) Use the latest technology

To check their travel documents, confirm their identity or complete their customs declaration, travelers can use the kiosks provided for this purpose at certain Canadian airports. In this way, passing through customs is much faster and more efficient. If you don’t want to experience frustrating travel delays, hire a private jet charter at Jettly.

4) Leave prohibited products at home

When passing through border, do not take raw poultry products or by-products, such as turkey, eggs or chicken.

Transporting cannabis across the border in any form, including any oil containing THC, without a permit or exemption, is a serious criminal offense subject to arrest or prosecution. Cannabis can, however, be disposed of in the bins provided for this purpose on site.

It is also important to declare at the border all food, plants or animals, such as raw meat, fruit, houseplants, live animals and wood products.

5) Make sure you have permission to enter Canada

Foreign nationals must meet admissibility requirements and present the appropriate travel or immigration documents. A border agent will decide on the right to enter when crossing the border.

When a child crosses the border, it is recommended that the accompanying adult provide a letter of consent authorizing him to travel with the child. In the absence of this letter, border officials may ask additional questions and thus delay border crossing.