How to organize your photos properly once and for all

How to properly classify your photos once and for all


Our smartphones are easy to use and above all quick to take dozens of photos for any occasion. Hundreds or even thousands of images and videos add up in your photo library. Except that the problems start when we no longer find our way in the pile that seems endless to us. 

In short, your photo library quickly becomes a mess…unless you take simple and relatively quick steps to get everything back in order.

Whether you use Apple's iCloud Photos to back everything up or other solutions online storage like Dropbox or Google Photos, it is also convenient to file them directly on the big screen on the web.

First, make sure everything is working as it should: open Settings on your iPhone, tap the name at the top, then tap iCloud and Photos to make sure everything is synced as it should (the switch toggle iCloud Photos must be turned on).

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Tools Filters , Album and Folder

Touch the three dots in the upper right corner to get the Filters tool. You can, for example, hide all videos to have only photos on the screen and vice versa.

Albums can make your photo library much easier to browse, and iCloud Photos actually creates automatic albums for you. Tap Albums and scroll down to see them: Screenshots is a folder of photos that you might want to erase regularly, for example, assuming you don't want to keep them for posterity.

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To create your own album, tap the + icon in the top left corner, then choose New Album. You'll be prompted to give your album a name and then select the images to put in it. You can also choose New Folder instead of New Album: Folders can contain multiple albums, so they're a way to add a bit more structure and proper hierarchy to your photo library.

Adding photos to albums takes a bit more time (either when you take the photos or a bit later), but it can save you a lot of time when you need to find photos or delete a certain picture group. To delete an album (which won't delete the photos in it), tap Albums, then View All, then Edit.

Sort by Faces

The Photos app on your iPhone tries to identify faces, which can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to finding particular photos, whether you want to favorite them or delete them. In the Photos app, tap Albums, then People to see the faces the app has tagged.

You can tag faces on pictures if Photos hasn't. Open the image in question in the Photos app, tap the information button at the bottom (the “i” inside a circle), select the face to identify, then select Tag with name. Faces that the app has identified should appear in a series of small thumbnails ready for you to select.

Delete photos

If you spot individual images that you can pass, long-press it and choose Remove from Library from the menu that appears. To delete multiple images at once, press Select (top right), make your selection by touching the photos you want to delete, then touch the trash can icon.

To delete them forever , go to Albums > the Trash folder> Select > Delete all.