How to overcome morning stiffness in arthritis

Victims of arthritis often experience stiffness or poor mobility of the joints in the morning. Experts have named a few proven ways to overcome this problem.

Как одолеть утреннюю скованность при артрите

Use the heat. Is the fastest way to victory over morning stiffness, warmer than warm. Heat helps to relax tense muscles and remove the associated pain in the process.

Warm bath. Warmer if for some reason you are not satisfied, then start your morning with a warm bath, which affects the whole body. Tension and stiffness of muscles and tissue will disappear pretty quickly. You can add in a bath a certain amount of Epsom salts — a form of magnesium that helps to relieve stiff muscles and provides relief to victims of arthritis.

Ginger tea. Replace your daily Cup of coffee Cup of ginger tea. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling, inflammation and stiffness of joints. Do not forget about other anti-inflammatory foods like nuts, seeds, yogurt and tea from turmeric.

Exercises in bed. You can hold the charge, even getting out of bed, which is especially useful for victims of arthritis. Try different kinds of movements that can stretch the body, pripodnimaet and go down, pull up, raise legs up, raise the limb to the side and mix them again.

Anti-inflammatory medication. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs an hour before getting out of bed is the right decision. Put some snack beside your bed before you go to sleep that morning, you don’t have to take medication on an empty stomach. Wait until this kicks in, and then step out of bed.