How to place hand Luggage in the plane so that it was convenient to all

There are many factors that go into traveling by plane. And the lack of free space in the plane is one of them. If you come to their place, and compartments for hand Luggage is already full, you can put your carry-ons a few rows back. At first it may not seem like much, but if you do this, you will either have to wait until everyone behind you off the plane or to be the person that goes against traffic to pick up my bag. This writes Travel and Leisure.

Как разместить ручную кладь в самолете так, чтобы это было удобно всем

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The root of the problem lies in the lack of space in the compartments for hand Luggage. When the airline added more seats and began to charge passengers a fee for Luggage, number of passengers with hand Luggage has increased. The result has been a greater demand for limited space designs.

You may not be able to control the space in the Luggage compartment of the plane, but there are some things you can do that you never had to store hand Luggage away from you.

To pay for priority boarding

If you fly frequently, purchase priority boarding may be worth it. The representative of United Airlines says that “when the flight is full, clients who sit in groups one to three, more likely to find a place for their bags.” In addition, “customers can purchase priority boarding and boarding group” to get on a plane early and put the bag closer to himself.

Keep in mind that if you participate in the rewards program of the airlines, you already can be priority boarding.

Buy a suitcase that fit under the seat

Travel with Luggage that fits under the seat in front of you ensures that you will not have to think about the space in the Luggage compartment. And the good news is that some of these suitcases is surprisingly roomy.

Voluntarily surrender your bag to check

Airport officials will be looking for volunteers to check their Luggage. Staff will mark your bag and put it in the Luggage compartment of the aircraft, together with other registered bags for free. You will receive it at the baggage claim upon arrival.

Put your bag on the way to your place

Keep track of the availability of free space in the compartment for hand Luggage when you go to his place and put his bag in the first open slot. When you get off the plane, grab the bag a few rows ahead is much easier than to wait until all the passengers disembark, so you can get to the bag.

Ask for help from the flight attendants

When it comes to space in the compartments for hand Luggage, the flight attendants know all the details and are professionals in that all the bags were place. Tell the flight attendant where you’re sitting, and ask if he has any suggestions about where to put your bag. They can tell you if there is a place for Luggage near your seat and tell you where to put the bag if the next compartment is already full.