How to prematurely terminate a lease housing without penalty

Signing agreement for rental housing, most clients really want to live in this apartment until the end of this in the documents of the time, but sometimes life surprises you and there is a need to move to the end of the lease term. Very often, the lease agreement involves considerable penalties in case of early termination or the need to pay the entire remaining amount of the rent. A property manager from will handle any tenants disputes and manage lease execution for a property owner.

Как досрочно разорвать договор об аренде жилья без штрафа

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Trulia’s edition gathered a few tips on how to prematurely terminate a lease housing without consequences.

1. Talk to the landlord

If you want to prematurely terminate your lease, report it immediately to the lessor, regardless of the cause. He can go forward and not to apply to you penal sanctions. If the rental market in your area is at its peak, the landlord can quickly find a new tenant willing to pay higher rent.

If your lease ends in the winter (this period is bad for finding new tenants), and you have the landlord to move out early — in the spring or summer, it can allow you to do this without penalty, because at this time of the year to find new tenants a lot easier.

Even if your landlord is not happy with the fact that you are moving out before the stipulated period, the best option would be to tell him about your plans as soon as you become aware, even if you intend to break the lease in a few weeks. This will give the landlord time to find a new tenant to minimize any loss of income.

2. Offer to find a replacement

Many homeowners prefer to check the creditworthiness of potential tenants through credit rating or in another way, so just pass your apartment for rent to the first person without the approval of the lessor will not work. But, planning to break a lease early, you should inform the landlord that you have to accept another tenant, or that you don’t mind, look it up, and after that the landlord can conduct a basic check of the candidate.

Please note that regardless of whether you find a tenant to replace you or it will make the homeowner as soon as new person enters the apartment, you are exempt from the obligation to pay rent. Landlords can’t get double payment for rent, even if the previous tenant moved out before the expiration of the term of the contract.

3. Consider a compromise

If in the contract there are penalties for early termination of the rental agreement, then whatever your reasons, the court will side with the landlord. Therefore, it is better not to go to this and try to agree on a reasonable compromise which satisfies both sides.

Of course, this can only be done in case if you cultivated a good relationship with your landlord, on time, making rent, quickly notifying him about problems with the apartment, taking care of his property in the apartment and being open to communication.

In this case, if necessary, to prematurely terminate the rental agreement, you can negotiate a reduction or avoidance of penalties, but in every way to help with finding a new tenant and be open to show the apartment to potential future tenants.

4. Play hard

If your landlord has refused to cooperate with you or couldn’t find a suitable tenant to replace you, in case of early termination of contract, you can face the necessity to pay the rent until the end of the rental period stipulated in the documents. In this case, you can try to apply strict measures.

Regardless of what is written in the lease, you are protected by the Federal law on guarantees of the suitability of housing for habitation. By law, your apartment must be “fit for life”, that is, without fungus or insects, there must also be hot and cold water, heating, etc. If your landlord has not complied with these requirements or any rules and local laws on housing, please inform the relevant authorities, which is likely to allow you to terminate the lease.

5. Carefully read the rental contract

If the other options don’t work, re-read the lease. Most likely, there is a clause on early termination of the contract, implying a small penalty, instead of having to pay the entire balance of the rent.

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