How to quickly get rid of heartburn: 5 simple tips

If heartburn bothers you regularly, see your doctor to rule out diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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If the heartburn you are experiencing from time to time, a few tips can come in handy. So, water is a simple and affordable remedy for heartburn. A glass of clean warm water will naturally reduce the acidity and reduce the stinging. It is necessary to drink sitting or standing and not to lie down after that.

Soda. Dissolve half a teaspoon of soda in 200 ml water and drink in small SIPS. Use this method only in emergency cases. Regular use harms the body.

Activated charcoal will absorb the excess stomach acid and heartburn will stop. Just wash down a couple pills with a glass of water.

Almonds can neutralize the gastric juice. At the outskirts of the burning eat 5-10 things, carefully chewing each nut. After a few minutes the heartburn will disappear.

Infusion of mint. Pour a teaspoon of dried mint to a Cup of boiling water and let the liquid cool slightly (or dilute with cold water). Drink a warm infusion in small SIPS.

Heartburn – specific burning sensation behind the breastbone, sometimes spreading to the throat, sometimes with a sour taste in my mouth. This is one of the most common symptoms with which patients seek medical attention. The cause of heartburn is the reflux of acid stomach contents into the esophagus.