How to recognize a stroke and to help people as quickly as possible

In the situation of incident stroke a man’s life and his chances for a successful outcome of treatment depends on the rapidity of the measures taken to rescue. Doctors explained what to do: recognize the problem and help.

Как распознать инсульт и помочь человеку максимально быстро

Publication “Arguments and facts” the experts said that there is a fairly simple method for recognition of a stroke. Its useful to all.

So, to determine the impact, you need to ask the person to do three things.

“On the stroke indicates any of these symptoms. No need to continue the diagnosis, if there is at least one of them. You need to call an ambulance, since when salvation is coming in a minute,” — said experts.

While doctors go, the victim should be laid so that his head was above the trunk and was turned sideways. Compressing all of the body items of clothing need to relax. It is desirable to ensure a flow of fresh air. Water and food can be given.

“If aid to the victim of a stroke will be provided in the first few hours after impact, then people will avoid serious consequences,” — concluded the experts.

To prevent stroke, according to them, it is necessary to regularly measure blood pressure and to consult a doctor to take therapeutic measures at its high performance. Hypertension is a defining factor in the occurrence of this violation.