How to recognize an overabundance of salt in the body: five symptoms

Salt maintains fluid balance, important for nerves and muscles. But with this product you need to know as.

Как распознать переизбыток соли в организме: пять симптомов

Experts told about the consequences of Hobbies indispensable seasoning.

The American heart Association recommends that you consume 1.5 g of sodium per day, equivalent to slightly less than one teaspoon of salt. Experts have listed the signs of excessive salt intake.


The main symptom of excess salt — the constant thirst and dry mouth. So the brain sends a signal that the body lacks fluid.


“Overdose” salt leads to increased sodium in the body. Ultimately, fluid retention and the formation of edema. In addition to swelling, you may experience bloating.


When excess sodium the blood vessels of the brain dilate, leading to headaches.

High blood pressure

Excess salts delay the liquid, which increases the load on the heart, destabilizie pressure, deteriorating health.

Kidney disease

Fascination salt increases the amount of protein in the urine and disrupts organ of the urinary system. If you do not change the diet in the kidney can form stones.