How to recognize the incipient alcoholism in women

The alcoholic with the experience easily recognizable by appearance, behavior, habits. If it went that far – it to help more difficult than the woman who just stepped on this path, it is therefore very important not to concede first “bells”.

Как распознать начинающийся алкоголизм у женщин

It is believed that in women, alcohol dependence is formed faster and stronger than the stronger sex. In men, the persistent dependence develops in about 7-10 years after systematic ingestion of alcohol and women this is enough for 3-5 years.

The first step in the development of alcoholism become regular gatherings with alcohol on various occasions, sometimes quite insignificant. It can be an award, vacation, holidays, various anniversaries. Gradually, the woman happily grabs every opportunity to drink, and if not, it will come up. While such a desire is justified by the need to relieve stress, to relax.

Alcohol dependence contributes to the appearance of early signs of aging. So, the skin becomes dry, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, the face swells, becomes puffy. Pronounced capillary net on the face – a common symptom of alcoholism.

Drinking woman often stays in a depressed mood, if not able to drink. She was unreasonably irritable, snapping at loved ones. At the same time, if suddenly there is a drink, the mood of a woman changes dramatically, and it becomes a noisy, excited, energetic, ready “to curtail mountains”

Specialists advised if you have any doubts about that, there is alcoholism or not, to give up alcohol for a year. Usually everything becomes clear already in the first weeks after promising not to drink.