How to recognize the signs of a mini stroke

Scientists from the United States told how to determine mini-strokes. There are some obvious signs that show that the person is bad.

Как распознать признаки микроинсульта

One of the most common signs of a minor stroke is diplopia — double vision. This can occur in the normal state, that is, not necessarily after a drastic change of body position.

Another alarm bell — numbness of the limbs. Most often, the numbness and the cramps happen immediately after waking up in the morning.

Should be alert and sudden headache that does not stop after taking the tablet. If these symptoms are often happens to you, then this may be one of the symptoms of minor stroke.

About the critical state of a person can tell the confusion and sudden change of speech, for example slurred or too fast pronunciation. Impaired coordination of movements — also a sign of a minor stroke.

According to scientists, many not even realize that they have a microstroke. If not in time to see a doctor, it can lead to sad consequences, for example, to severe damage of the nervous system.