How to reduce Russia’s revenues from oil

The fall in oil prices will lead to the fact that with may, when will come into force a new agreement, OPEC+, the export duty in the sale of Russian Urals will amount to 6,8 dollars per ton at estimated price of a barrel to $ 19.

На сколько снизятся доходы России от нефти

Such calculations leads to Bloomberg, the

In April, the fee was $ 52 per tonne. Thus, the income of the Russian oil will fall by 87 percent or nearly eight times. A further reduction will contribute to a drop in export supplies, the Russian company went under the deal, pledging to lower production to the level of the beginning of the century.

As noted in the article, Moscow was able to stop a price war with Saudi Arabia, but the problem of the collapse of oil prices is just beginning. The may level of fees will be the lowest since 2002, when it was introduced, the current arrangement of the collection.

Currently, the Urals in Europe traded at $ 16 per barrel. The agreement OPEC+ are unable to lead to a recovery in oil prices. On the contrary, they returned to the fall, as, according to market participants, reduced production at 9.7 million barrels within two months will be insufficient. Supply exceeds demand in April at 25 million barrels, of which real was the threat of overflow of all the world’s repositories of raw materials.