How to reduce the risk of colds, said the expert

The Director of the Institute of immunology at Heidelberg University Stefan Meyer told how to reduce the risk of colds. The expert notes that the key role in this regard is to minimize the stress associated with the immune system.

Как снизить риск простудных заболеваний, рассказал эксперт

“A strong immune system starts in the head. People under constant stress have higher cortisol production, which is known to suppresses the body’s defenses. Therefore, psychological well-being is very important,” said Stefan Meyer.

To reduce the risk of colds, the expert also advised to exercise, especially important to moderate endurance training such as swimming, Jogging or Cycling. It’s important when starting infection activity of this kind is contraindicated, because the body needs rest, not extra load. Proven fact that a healthy diet boosts the immune system. The diet should include such important substances such as zinc, iron, copper and vitamins a, C, D and E. as for the famous chicken soup, it is good only in the short term, without exerting a strong influence on the immune system.

“Thus, it is important a healthy mix of products, and constantly and not only when the first infection is on the rise,” added Stefan Meyer.

The list is getting enough sleep. In particular, the study of Lübeck University have shown that night supports the T-cells responsible for fighting pathogens. Conversely, after three hours of sleep their function is altered. It is important to bear in mind that being in a lying position for a positive effect on the immune system.