How to reduce the risk of death from the disease, said experts

Many studies claim that running is a activity that can help us to stay healthy longer. But how much we have to go to prolong our lives? A new survey shows that regardless of how little or much we run, it is associated with a significantly lower risk of death from all causes.

Как снизить риск смерти от болезней, рассказали специалисты

The authors of the study 2018 argued that running may help protect brain health, while earlier studies have linked this form of physical activity with slowing the aging process.
But what is the relationship, if any, between running and mortality, and how this activity affects the risk of death, particularly from cardiovascular disease and cancer?
These questions recently sought to answer researchers from the University of Victoria in Melbourne, the University of Sydney and other academic institutions in Australia.

A little better than nothing

When the researchers analyzed data from 14 studies, they found a link between running and reducing the risk of death from any cause by 27%. This conclusion applies to both women and men.
A significant link between running and a lower risk of death applies even to those who ran once a week or less. The people who were running with relatively low speed, less than 9 miles (9.7 km) per hour, and those who ran less than 50 minutes, also had a reduced risk.
The results show that running for a short time (a week or less than 30 minutes) can still bring health benefits. At the same time, added the researchers, there was no connection between the intense and long running, and any additional health benefits or further reduce the risk of death.