How to restore your luxurious curls after the holidays

Vacation is sea, sun, salt, heat. All these factors have an impact on the condition of the hair. After returning from vacation, you may notice that they become more brittle, weak, lifeless. How to restore your luxurious curls after a holiday, will be discussed in the material.

Как правильно восстановить свои роскошные локоны после отпуска

Tip # 1: hydration

After the holidays, dry hair in need of moisture. Only professional care can transform lifeless locks into gorgeous locks. To begin, select the proper shampoo that is designed based on the nutritional formula. Thanks to this cleanser to soften even the driest hair. Also it would be nice if in the composition there is a complex Superfoods, for example, oil from the seeds of Sacha inchi, aloe Vera, cactus extract.

Tip # 2: hair masks

This is another seemingly obvious tip that will help to restore hair after the holidays. Masks for the hair, saturating each strand from the inside force. In the end, they will become more elastic, durable, strong. Masks can be applied once or twice a week, to restore, to give strength and make it more beautiful.

Tip # 3: leave-in treatment

Also, it is crucial to apply such hair care to restore them after the holidays. Thanks to this care the hair will become more hydrated, shiny, manageable and strong. This approach is very effective for recovering hair after a holiday.

Tip # 4: no staining

Not forever. But for the first time after returning from vacation it is better to refrain from such procedure. At least two to three weeks. The fact is that hair damaged by ultraviolet rays. Chemicals — not the best assistant in their recovery.

Tip # 5: vows on

To refresh the haircut will not be superfluous, if you want to properly restore the hair. They are much faster will gain its former strength, if you take at least a couple of inches from brittle and ugly ends.