How to safely dispose of used batteries (PHOTO)

Как безопасно утилизировать использованные батарейки (ФОТО)

Canadians buy more than half a billion batteries annually, and only about 5% of them end up recycled. Many consumers don’t always know what to do with them when they had no charge.

James Dickerson from Consumer Reports said that “it is advisable not to throw them in the trash”.

Be it a standard alkaline AA battery, rechargeable cell phone battery or car battery, the expert warns that consumers should treat them with care, using safe methods for storage and disposal.

What is the reason? Most batteries contain toxic ingredients such as cadmium, lead, lithium or sulfuric acid.

“Batteries can leak, to get into the ecosystem mix with groundwater,” said Dickerson.

And although batteries can’t generate enough energy to power the device, they can still cause a fire if not handled properly.

Three years ago in a house in Tecumseh, near Vinsor, there was a fire, which recognized the batteries lying in the drawer. The investigators found that several devotionto batteries created the spark that led to the fire.

That is why batteries should be stored in a safe container, they can touch the walls, but not the poles, especially the opposite also can not avoid contact with metal and other conductive surfaces.

Experts say that you can also stick some Scotch tape on the positive and negative ends to prevent possible closure and any other variant of the current output of the batteries. You can also save the original container to store them.

In Toronto, the batteries are considered hazardous waste that must be disposed of properly at reception centers or in-store purchases, if he provides such an opportunity.

In the region Durham battery get twice a year from sidewalks.

In Peel region you can leave them in special containers in libraries, community centers or collection point.

Recent studies have shown that many people throw batteries in the trash because you do not know where to refer them. Some put them in the blue bins, which is prohibited.

If you don’t know where they take used batteries, call the administration and find out.