How to save eyesight when using a smartphone

Doctors advise to sleep next to the gadget.

Как сохранить зрение при пользовании смартфоном

Doctors give disappointing forecast after thirty years half of the world’s population will suffer from myopia. All the fault of the craze of the Internet and gadgets.

You can at least try to protect your vision from the negative effects of smartphones. Tatyana Pavlova, eye doctor and candidate of medical Sciences, spoke about the action that is resorted to in order to preserve vision when using gadgets.

To begin with, the physician recommends that you do not delay treatment to an ophthalmologist for the prevention of myopia, which is called the epidemic of the century. According to her, there is no exact information about what exactly the amount of time you spend on the phone screen. However, we know that it has a direct correlation with the state of the accommodative apparatus of the eye.

The main causes of visual impairment Pavlov considers improper lighting, human posture, and a reading device from close range. At the same time, an important reason could be overload of the muscles responsible for the work up close.
If vision loss has already begun, should start to respect the visual load and do not sleep near a smartphone. Even if the frequent use of the gadget is required, for example, because of work circumstances, it is more likely to turn away from the display and look into the distance to give your eyes a rest and to protect the optic nerve from overload.

9-year-old boy from the Chinese city of Hefei suffered because of their habit of spending all my free time with a smartphone. This child earned strabismus.