How to save money during the holidays: advice from experienced travelers

Travelers have shared their secrets on how to save money on vacation and get the best deals. About it writes Yahoo!.

Как сэкономить во время отпуска: советы опытных путешественников

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Call to book your trips through Costco or BJs

If you are a member, Costco and BJ give great deals on travel. “Costco offers very significant discounts on tours and BJs gives discounts when booking hotels, rental cars and much more,” says Amanda NORCROSS, a senior editor of Family Vacation Critic.

It is not necessary to visit expensive Park Hopper Pass at Disney

“You really don’t need, if you are an ardent fan of Disney,” says summer hull, columnist for family travel, The Points Guy. If you are going with young children or you have a lot of time on the trip, cheaper to just visit one Park each day.

Find out the best time for booking tickets

“For domestic travel, the best fares are usually available 1-2 months before the trip,” says Christine Sarkis, Deputy Executive editor of SmarterTravel. For international flights, it is advisable to start searching 3-4 months.

How to find the best prices on booking of hotels

Once you’ve found the best deal, call the hotel directly to ask for a better deal. It is worth the effort: according to a survey by Consumer Reports, negotiations with the hotel resulted in a price reduction in 78% of cases.

Avoid touristy restaurants

“Avoid restaurants where the menu mostly consists of images or translated into several languages. They are focused on tourists and they will have high prices on food,” says Sarkis.

Book a cruise for 2021 in the near future

Now is the best time to book a cruise for 2021. According to Sarkis, during “wave season” (January to March), many cruise lines deploy the stock for the sale. If you miss this window, try to book before the end of April. This month, booked fewer cruises, so companies often offer additional benefits.

Install the application that will find the cheapest flight

“There is no magic day or time to find the best offer, set alerts about airfare,” says NORCROSS. Try Google flights, Hopper, Momondo or AirfareWatchdog: enter your destination and dates and receive alerts when fares fall. When you see a good price, don’t wait — the better the rate, the faster it will disappear. To get one of the cheapest tickets start tracking prices for about two to three months before the departure date.

Prepare a snack in the plane yourself

Airline deals can cost anywhere from $9 to $12 dollars per meal. Assemble your own at a fraction of this value. You can invest in $3 and eat no worse than the airline has to offer.