How to save money on purchases at Costco and Sam’s Club without purchasing a membership

Costco is one of the favorite places for travelers in America. The annual membership fee at Costco is $60. The same goes for Sam’s Club — $ 45 per year, and BJ’s — $ 55 a year, says CNBC.

Как экономить на покупках в Costco и Sam's Club без приобретения членства

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But if the shop is far away from your house or you just do not plan to regularly buy large quantity of goods, purchase of membership is not the best option.

However, there are several ways to take advantage of club prices Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s Club without paying the annual fee.

Make purchases for which you do not need to be a member of the club:

Eye examination

For appointment to the optometrist in the store, as a rule, does not require membership, and the cost of the test is also lower. According average cost of eye examination in the U.S. is a little over$ 100. However, in these stores, warehouses the test costs about 70$. For example, in SOUTHLAKE, Texas, the eye exam at Costco is 65$. Sam’s Club in Columbia, Missouri, you will pay 59$. But only members of the club will be able to buy glasses or contact lenses. But no one stops to consult the optometrist in the store, and then use the prescribed prescription elsewhere.


Depending on what state you live, you can buy alcohol in stores, warehouses without membership. This is a great way to save money, especially if you buy alcohol under the brand name Kirkland. At Kirkland there are versions of vodka, whiskey, Scotch, tequila and a few red and white wines, so a great choice. For example, a bottle of Kirkland vodka with a capacity of 1.75 liters, costs $19,99. Same at Total Wines&More will cost you a little more than 29$. A small bottle of Grey Goose from Total Wines&More will cost you twice as much, a little more than 51$.

Medications, prescription.

In some States, prescription medication you can buy at Costco and Sam’s Club without membership. The prices are often lower, but better to call ahead and make sure sell if the prescription is not a club member.

Sign up in the service delivery of products

BJ’s, Sam’s Club and Costco have partnered with a grocery delivery service Instacart. Even if you are not a member, you can get the goods out via Instacart. Annual membership, which includes free shipping, costs $99. Or you can pay delivery cost in the amount of 3.99$ for orders worth at least 35$.

Through a delivery service Instacart in BJ’s you can buy a box of 24 large eggs for $7,49 (31 cents for the egg), and 40 bottles of Polish spring water for $6.99 (17 cents per bottle). For comparison, making the order in the shops Shop Rite and you will pay $10,32 two dozen eggs (43 cents for the egg) and $5,49 for 24 bottles of the same water (about 23 cents per bottle). (Taken as example the prices in the stores Fort Lee, new Jersey.)

Verification of prices with competitors

Check pricing at your favorite stores to see if they will match the promotional offers of stores and warehouses. The prices in the stores Target and Kohl often will match the Costco price, which means you can get the same discounts without the membership. For example, 30 rolls of toilet paper Charmin at Costco are $24,49 and 30 rolls per Target at $29.99.

You can also dine at Costco. Hot dog there costs $1,50, Caesar for $3.99, a whole pizza – $9,95.

Costco employees have to ask you to present your membership card at the entrance. But if you came with someone, who is a member of the Costco club, it will take you to a restaurant where you can dine at the best prices.

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